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Our//Space URBAN

Join The Coworking Revolution and Make Real Money 

Turn office space into recurring income streams and operate as a pillar of support to your coworking business community!

Become an early adopter of this new, high growth industry…India is ripe for coworking and by joining a global network it could generate you incredible wealth.

Our//Space is set to become a leading operator. By Q1 2017, we will have the following locations open:

  • Miami.
  • Dubai.
  • Birmingham.
  • Singapore.
  • Málaga.

You don’t need experience as we can train you; alternatively you might already own workspace. Whether or not you have a property, we have territories available and want to secure franchisees for them. 

We are making USD millionaires

If you have an area that you would like to see an Our//Space URBAN coworking location in, then we want to hear from you. Simply request more information and start the conversation today. Don't miss out on this business opportunity – the early adopters will secure the best locations and have first mover advantage with a guaranteed exit route with a written offer to buy back your business as 5 x profits/5 x EBITDA (subject to contract).

Who are we?

Our//Space URBAN is now taking the franchise and coworking industry by storm as the world's first ever global coworking franchise.

Our//Space URBAN fills a market gap between large corporate Grade A office space and the often soulless/drab office centres. It converts dowdy offices into coworking spaces, which employees can reserve a seat or an office to work in using proprietary software or a mobile app. This shift saves companies huge amounts of money in recruiting and training and puts a meaningful dent in overhead. 

As the operator, you turn commercial business space into a recurring revenue. It is not difficult to calculate an income stream of 500 or even 1,000 members paying you USD $200 a month (rent is based on local rental and other costs).

Our//Space International is launching coworking globally in 2017 to open coworking locations in international gateway cities over the next three to five years. It is set to be the fastest growing global coworking business ever seen.

What do you get?

  • A turnkey franchise that creates an entrepreneurial workplace of the like you will have never worked in before and probably never will again.
  • A branded biophilic interior concept by Carlos Barbosa, designed by March Associates of California, and project-managed by an industry expert.
  • Financial assistance to help you make your investment.
  • A six-month training and development programme for all franchisees including regular knowledge reviews.
  • Annual convention, quarterly awards dinners and daily power-up calls.
  • Bespoke management information systems providing information on key performance indicators.
  • Central accounting, hosted invoicing and membership renewal system.
  • A head office support team including a coworking mentor.
  • Dedicated business development teams for membership recruitment and retention.
  • Hosted email service and web presence.
  • Access to a global network.
  • Our//Space improves your odds of high ROI and will make managing a coworking space simpler.

With Our//Space you belong to a culture where it is the norm to help each other, and there are many opportunities to do so.

The marketplace

Today we see city centres that are too often busy and very costly and Our//Space customers tend to be younger professionals looking for an environment that is business-oriented, friendly and not so far from home.

This younger generation has a different expectation of how their working life looks and they adopt a much more flexible approach to the work/life balance.

This market is a ‘hot’ sector – Our//Space URBAN makes the operation of a coworking centre simple for you and enjoyable for your members. 

Coworking is big business – make it your business with a world leader 

We welcome ambitious minds from any sector coupled with determination. If you apply this to our training and support programme and follow each step we promise to take your business career to a new level. You will find that it is your people skills, not your property knowhow, that really count. A background in commercial property is not necessary, and you do not need to be a property owner.

If you would like to take the next step with Our//Space as we build our network across Asia, we want to hear from you. Click on ‘REQUEST INFORMATION’ to arrange an online presentation about this great opportunity. 
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Available Locations:
Single unit and master franchises available worldwide.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
USD $200,000.
Financing Assistance:
Yes, from the company.
Training Provided:
Request FREE Info