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Your Free Pocket Guide to Franchising

by Maria Carty-MoleNovember 30, 2016

What IS franchising exactly? Does it work in this country? How do I find the right franchise opportunity for me??

Essential questions such as these will flood the mind of anyone who is considering that big step: taking control of your career and investing in a franchise. Learning about the franchise system can take hours of looking in long books and magazines, researching online, and talking with others who think they know more than you do. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were one source of information that gave you a short but thorough introduction to franchising and how to invest in it?

That is just what we have created, with Franchise Asia's Pocket Guide to Franchising. This 25-page e-book is now available free of charge and you can read/download it here. It covers everything you need to know, including:

Franchise Asia's Pocket Guide to Franchising

  • A clear definition of franchising and how it works.
  • The franchise industry in India.
  • The 10 steps to take when you're looking to buy a franchise. 
  • Where to find one.
  • How to get financing from a lender.
  • The different types of franchise contracts available, including single unit, multi-unit, part-time, home-based, master franchise, and area developer.
  • A glossary of franchise terms.

Have a look at the guide today for an excellent introduction to becoming a franchisee.

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