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Beauty and Wellness – A Healthy Industry!

by Cliodhna ButlerJune 17, 2014

The Health, Beauty and Wellness industry in India is at an all-time high and growing rapidly. The high rate of growth in this dynamic industry is being driven by increasing consumer demand for branded products and services and a growing middle class.

Natural RemedySuccessful national and international health, beauty and wellness companies are having trouble keeping up with the market. Many companies are turning to franchising, a proven growth model which enables them to gain market share, keep up with consumer demand and build their brand – fast.

According to a 2013 report by KPMG in collaboration with the Franchising Association of India franchising in India has a very healthy future. The industry tipped by this in-depth report for the biggest growth within the services sector is Health & Wellness which is expected to grow to 6 times its penetration by 2017.

The demand for franchises is growing in India due to a rise in consumption and willingness to spend, the increased purchasing power of the middle class, a growing preference for branded and quality products together with increased global exposure. Beauty and wellness products and services fare particularly well due to the associated sense of luxury which they provide - at an affordable price.

The beauty and wellness sector in India was estimated to be worth $4.5 Billion in 2012. According to the KPMG report on franchising in India this number could expect a 20 - 25 % annual growth between 2013 and 2017.

Salons and traditional spas represent the majority of this growth while the increasing popularity of healthy living and alternative therapies means that innovative wellness businesses are also likely to take an increasing role in the marketplace. The popular fitness and slimming sector will also experience growth.

One of the biggest franchise players in the segment today are Lakme Salon which started in 2note000 and now has grown to 135 outlets across more than 40 cities nationwide. Another key player is VLCC with a growing international presence in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

The Shahnaz Husain Group which has over 200 franchisees across India is also noteworthy as the world’s leading brand and manufacturer of herbal and ayurvedic cosmetic and beauty products from India.

India Spa

The health, beauty and wellness sector offers one of the highest profit potentials available in all of franchising. With this opportunity for wealth there is also a degree of risk. This risk can be reduced and the chances of success in this dynamic industry increased by ensuring the franchise chain adheres to the following best practices: a standardised experience, excellent inventory management and impeccably quality control. In addition to this as with all service franchises providing a quality service experience is essential in the health and beauty segment.

For investors and individuals interested in the health and beauty industry there are a host of annual and one-off events taking place throughout the country. This year the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) hosted its first annual India International Wellness Expo on May 15th to 17th in Mumbai. While from the 24th to the 25th of July Mumbai will be once more be treated to a large scale industry event with the Health, Beauty & Wellness Conference and Exhibition.

Investors in this sector do not need to feel that the only opportunities exist in large cities such as Mumbai. In fact Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities show the greatest growth potential for health, beauty and wellness businesses. Demand in these smaller cities is growing and with less competition there is a greater consumer loyalty.


Join this booming industry which is poised to reach Rs 1,00,000 Crore by 2015 and let beauty lead you to a more profitable future!

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