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Juice Lounge

Juice Lounge is Positioned as the No. 1 American Concept Juice Bar in India

Juice Lounge Juice Bar is a profitable healthy food chain franchise with locations in more than five countries, 27+ cities, and growing!

Juice Lounge has recently opened at Langkawi, Malaysia, and is opening soon at Seef, Bahrain. The JL brand is owned by Om Ganeshaya Food and Beverages Private Limited and is currently running in its 11th successful year! 


  1. The biggest juice bar brand in India today!
  2. Strict training process – thus NO TASTE VARIATION.
  3. All products prepared fresh – thus PRESERVATIVE-FREE.
  4. Unique juice recipes with copyrighted names – thus security.
  5. Works as a juice and snack QSR/takeaway and even dine-in lounge.
  6. Quick-to-serve menu which varies as per outlet size.
  7. Full menu includes healthy sandwiches, starters, pizzas, pastas, burgers and fries with juices (80+ varieties including milkshakes, smoothies etc).
  8. Juice price is competitive with a different price in each city/country – thus we are light on the consumer's pocket.
  9. Existing outlets are earning 40% to 60% ROI after all expenses every year, depending on outlet model (kiosk, over-the-counter or lounge/café).
  10. Increase in profit by 10% every year so your investment will be returned in just 12 to 18 months.


  1. Kiosk model 50-150 sq. ft (juice or juice and sandwich menu).
  2. Over-the-counter 150-300 sq. ft (partial or full menu).
  3. Lounge/café model 400-1,000 sq. ft, with 40pax sitting (full menu).
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Available Locations:
Single and master franchises available internationally.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
Rs. 16,00,000.
Training Provided:
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