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Chocolate & Chocolate

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Chocolate & Chocolate Products and Services

Chocolate & Chocolate (C&C) is a new and exciting chocolate cafe lounge, serving high quality melted chocolate over freshly cut fruits, waffles, crepes, pancakes, shakes, and ice cream.

People enjoy dipping fruits in chocolate while sitting in a warm atmosphere, and our takeaway system can serve up to hundreds of clients daily in high traffic locations such as malls, train stations, and universities. The selling of gourmet chocolate pieces and special coffee and chocolate drinks – all produced on site – are also an excellent boost for the concept. C&C has truly mastered the art of delicacy.

Chocolate & Chocolate Franchise Opportunities

C&C franchises feature our famous chocolate-spinning wheels displaying a cascading flow of chocolate behind a glass window. These are a very powerful sensorial marketing tool, ensuring maximum profitability in prime locations as consumers see and smell chocolate pouring over fresh fruit and are tempted into impulsive buying.

There are many franchise opportunity types to choose from, as we are seeking single unit, multi-unit, master, and area developer franchisees in markets all over the world. Unit types include lounges; indoor kiosks; mobile units and more.

Advantages of the Chocolate & Chocolate Franchise

  • High profitability and return on investment.
  • Easy to find customers – malls are everywhere.
  • Recession-resistant – consumers never stop spending money on eating out.
  • Low operating costs – small kiosk/lounge sizes mean fewer staff and lower lease levels.
  • The chocolate gourmet industry is growing at a phenomenal rate.
  • Quick start-up.
  • Easy to operate – this is a simple system that works.

The experienced professionals at C&C have spent years in the food industry and they help franchisees to build a profitable and sustainable business. Support is provided in all areas including advertising and marketing, training for franchisees and employees, operations, real estate and more.

If you think you might want to become part of the C&C network please click on 'REQUEST INFORMATION' and we will provide more details. 

Join C&C now, while the prime locations are still available.

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Available Locations:
Single unit, multi-unit, master and area developer franchises are available worldwide.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
Rs. 1,01,82,086.
Training Provided:
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