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The Franchise Industry in India in 2015 – Trends and Highlights

April 13, 2015

India is figured as one of the world’s biggest commercial destinations. Fringed to the boom of the IT industry and industrial expansion, franchising has advanced as one of the strongest business models that guarantees to procure rich profits. The franchising industry in India has witnessed progression from a debatable format to an acceptable approach for business growth with all the major global companies emerging to grow by the route of franchising. 

Franchise Industry in India in 2015

According to analytical reports, the Indian franchise industry is currently estimated at $24 billion with an expectation to reach $35 billion by 2020. India is the second-fastest evolving economy in the world with a growth of 75% in consumer spending over the last four years. Amid such evolution, the franchising industry will certainly propound new and better opportunities to innumerable brands in 2015.

With an expectation to quadruple in volume in the next five years, the Indian franchise industry will contribute approximately 4% to India’s gross domestic product in 2017. By monitoring the rising trend of franchising in India, several cultures, languages and socio-economic brands are eyeing India as their target market. Retail, health and wellness, food and beverages, education and customer services are some of the key industries that possess high potential for successful franchise opportunities in India. The individual growth and the promise of these categories are driving the development of the franchise industry.

Presently there are more than 3,000 franchise brands in India and around 1,000 global brands every year are contemplating entry plans for Indian territories. For 2015, experts see a lot of potential for restaurant (food industry) franchising; specialty restaurants and gourmet brands in particular might prosper. The other sector which would encompass a plethora of opportunities would be healthcare. According to a report by Equentis Capital, the healthcare ecosystem is expected to reach 158.2 billion US Dollars by 2017. 

The Franchise Industry in India 2015

It is also observed that in India, 26% of the franchise buyers are women. 


Though franchising in India is a relatively new business model, it has gained satisfactory recognition amongst entrepreneurs across the country. Certainly, the notion necessitates Indian laws to become more liberated regarding globalisation; the analytical reports seem to praise the pace of its development and growth in India. The advanced mind-set has unlocked many doors for leading global brands to enter India through franchising, making the nation the best place for these businesses to achieve exponential growth. 

Industry experts claim a bright future for the franchise concept in India, expecting it to become a major part of the economy. The franchise business model is well-suited for a promising nation like India which supports a widespread distribution of capital.

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