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Franchise Asia is Proud to Join LinkedIn

by Maria Carty-MoleAugust 22, 2016

Franchise Asia – India joins the club and sets up a company page on LinkedIn, featuring juicy interviews with franchisors.

Franchise Asia – India on LinkedIn

Social networking is a fundamental part of the franchise world. Self-employed franchisees, functioning in individual regions around the globe, need to stay in good contact with each other and with their franchisors in order to keep each branch and the company as a whole running smoothly and expanding. Operating as a team is the core of franchising.

Franchisees and franchisors alike also need to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry both nationally and internationally. Franchise Asia is already an owner of informative profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and now Franchise Asia – India has taken the plunge and become an active member of LinkedIn too. 

Franchise Asia – India’s company page will be of particular interest to franchisors pan India and abroad. A strong source of facts and advice, it will regularly feature links to interviews with franchisors. These wise men and women, conquerors of the business world, have agreed to share tips about what has made their franchise model so profitable. They also reveal what their goals are for the future.

Other useful articles include:

  • Reports on how the franchise industry is performing locally and worldwide.
  • Information about franchise events and expos taking place in Asia and further afield, with links to free tickets for the events.
  • Important industry news and current affairs.

Follow Franchise Asia on LinkedIn and stay connected with one of the leading portals of franchises and business opportunities.

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