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China Franchise Expo Sept. 19 - 21

by Cliodhna ButlerAugust 26, 2014


The Shanghai China Franchise Expo will take place from Friday September 19th to Sunday September 21st at INTEX Shanghai.

INTEX, where this much anticipated event will take place, is located in the Changning District of Shanghai with excellent rail and road links.

The event is organised by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association and is one of a series of four expos held every year. The first expo takes place in Beijing in April, the second in Chengdu in May, September sees the Shanghai expo and the last session is in Fuzhou every November.

The Beijing China Franchise Expo is the biggest of the four events and is held concurrently with the China Franchise Conference.

All four events offer a platform for franchisors in various industries including food retail, food and beverage services, hospitality, clothing and home products retail, business services and education.

China FlagThe China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) is the national representative for franchise chains and the leading resource for existing and potential franchisors and franchisees in China.

Founded in 1997, the CCFA is a non-profit membership association made up of retailers, franchisors, suppliers and other relevant groups. The association services around 1,000 members in over 60 industries throughout China and regulates its members via a Code of Ethics.

The CCFA supports the development of franchising in China by:

  • Organizing a series of annual exhibitions, conventions and seminars.
  • Conducting research on the China retail and franchise industry.
  • Providing legal information and current statistics on the industry.
  • Offering training for chain retailers and potential master franchisees.
  • Facilitating foreign franchisors wishing to access the China market.

More recently the China Chain Store & Franchise Association has been working to improve the food safety standards of chain stores in China.

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